Why Can’t I Find R4 3DS Cards in Popular Online Retailers?

Now, R4 3DS cards are ubiquitous nowadays and almost 80% of people who own a Nintendo 3DS have it.
Why? Because it increases the feature set of the Nintendo 3DS. You can watch movies, you can play past Nintendo games, among other things.
The thing about R4 3DS cards is that although they are quite popular, you cannot buy them in popular online retail stores like Amazon or eBay.
Why is that? Well, that is because of a class lawsuit that was filed against the R4 3DS cards team.
It first started back when the original R4 DS was born. The R4 DS cards work pretty much like the R4 3DS card with the exception that it can only be used on the Nintendo DS.
Anyway, it should be familiar to you right now that the R4 3DS cards work as they are intended because it runs unsigned code to the portable game console.
In other words, and in simplest terms, using R4 3DS cards pretty much hacks the Nintendo 3DS so you can do a lot of stuff.
Obviously, when a huge term such as “hacking” is thrown into the mix, the official company (in this case Nintendo) will not be happy about it.
Why do people, still, buy R4 3DS cards even though they are illegal? Well, it is really not illegal in a lot of countries; it is only illegal mostly in European countries like France and the UK.
For the most part, R4 3DS cards are still accepted by the community at large and I do not think, in the foreseeable future, that the R4 3DS cards become extinct.
If anything, newer R4 3DS cards will still proliferate the market because a lot of people do buy them on a consistent basis.
Now that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room, where do you buy R4 3DS cards if you cannot find them in popular online retailers?
Well, that is a good question but it is a very easy one to answer. Basically, every R4 3DS card has their own manufacturer’s website.
This is where you will buy their R4 3DS cards. Furthermore, support for their R4 3DS cards will also be available on the website such as instruction manuals and also everything that you need to upgrade the R4 3DS card’s kernel.
If you are unsure which R4 3DS card to buy, you can get the popular choice right now which is the R4i Gold R4 3DS card.
Of course, if you want a more premium R4 3DS card, you could go for the Sky3DS Plus and the Gateway3DS. Both of these premium cards offer impressive customer support and features but do note that both of them are the priciest among the bunch.
So, if you’re looking for an R4 3DS cards, search for them on Google by typing the correct keywords. If you are unsure on which to buy, you could buy the ones that I’ve mentioned above.