About HCG

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a type of hormone that greatly supports the development of egg in the women’s ovary. This hormone has the capability to stimulate the release of egg during the ovulation period. During the pregnancy tests, the HCG has detected and confirms the pregnancy for a woman. In few cases, the cancerous tumors can also develop this hormone, so it should be properly measured with the right consultation. After conducting this test, if the result shows that the patient is not pregnant, then it can leads to the diagnosis of cancer. If it is high, the patient will suffer from paraneoplastic syndrome.

This HCG can also be used to cause ovulation that helps to maximize the sperm count for men and also helps to treat infertility in women. Due to this, it is highly used by young boys in these days. According to the FDA, the HCG can greatly helps the woman to become pregnant with a category of X. but if you are using this medication during pregnancy, it will cause birth defects for your baby. So, it is better to avoid using this, if you are pregnant. Without consulting your doctor, you should not use HCG reviews during pregnancy as well as breast feed your baby.

Major reasons to perform HCG quantitative test

Normally, the HCG is produced by the placenta. It can be easily detected in from your urine, if you are pregnant. The major reasons to conduct the HCG quantitative tests are given below:

  • This test has normally performed to confirm the pregnancy.

  • It can be used to diagnose the abnormal pregnancy including an ectopic pregnancy

  • This test can also detect the down’s syndrome of baby

  • It can be used to find the approximate age of fetus

  • It can diagnose the potential miscarriage

How does the HCG quantitative test performed?

Normally, the HCG test can measure the levels of HCG hormone in a blood sample. Usually, this kind of test can take care by the healthcare professionals who take a blood sample in the following ways:

  • First of all, they can be wrapped around your upper arm tightly with an elastic band to stop the blood flow and make the veins more visible in your arm.

  • Now, the healthcare professional is cleaned your skin around the vein with alcohol and can insert the needle into the veins that are visible.

  • The needle contains a tube that is attached to the end of a needle to collect the sample of blood.

  • After collecting the enough blood, the elastic band can be removed from your upper arm and then needle is removed carefully. Now, the cotton is placed onto the wound area.

  • Before performing the HCG quantitative test, there are no specific preparations required for people.

  • After the HCG intensity has been deliberate in a blood test and the outcome are given to the physician and then discuss with you about the test results.

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