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The Nintendo NX Might Be Doing Well If They’re Going to Do this One Thing

The date is set, Nintendo’s next-gen game console, the Nintendo NX, will be releasing in March of 2017.

Even though the game console is enveloped in a shroud of mystery, many gamers and gaming authorities believe that the Nintendo NX is the saving grace of the company.

With that being said, Nintendo can become a really great game console if they’re going to do this one thing.

You see, in the past, many games are targeted for young audiences. You know child-friendly games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the like.

But nowadays, most games are targeted for teens and mature audiences. In fact, I can count with my fingers the amount of games that are targeted for younger audiences these days.

Nintendo has always been more child-friendly than the rest of its competitors, and one analyst believes that this will be the company’s ace when the Nintendo NX gets released.

If Nintendo is going to be releasing some games, they might want to not only focus on mature audiences but they also have to focus on the young gamers as well.

Heck, I can see children playing the Nintendo 3DS. Although the portable game console’s sales are still pretty okay, it is okay because of the lineup of games.

There are a lot of child-friendly games on the Nintendo 3DS and if the Nintendo NX will sport the same kind of lineup (child-friendly games), then I believe that the Nintendo NX will really become popular.

This could be a great opportunity for Nintendo to continue their trend and create games that are safe to play for all ages.

Games need not be fancy or violent for it to be enjoyable. There are times in the past where I enjoy playing platform games or adventure games like Ratchet and Clank and Crash Bandicoot.

Those games are enjoyable because the characters are lovable, the plot is good, and the game mechanics are easy that even children can play with relative ease.

So, for the Nintendo NX to really edge out the competition, they need to incorporate more child-friendly games into its lineup.

In other news, Nintendo only has a short time frame in revealing their Nintendo NX. That is because there will be no more major video game conventions in the remainder of the year.

It was reported that Nintendo is silent about the Nintendo NX because of fear that its rivals will copy their “idea”. But, for people to get enticed of getting the Nintendo NX in the first place, the people need to know what it really is.

Some longstanding rumors state that the Nintendo NX will be using game cartridges as opposed to discs; there is also a rumor that the upcoming Nintendo game console will have a revolutionary gamepad as well.

Whatever it is, if Nintendo is truly committed to surge back to the top, they must reveal the Nintendo NX in Computex or the remaining big video game conventions.